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Experimental Studio
in the Workplace

Is your business doing enough to encourage creative thinking and problem solving? Experimental Studio helps professionals harness their unique creative energy in any working environment. Our creative coaching program helps teams of all sizes learn to approach ongoing challenges or new projects while utilizing employees’ unique strengths and perspectives.

Adapted to Your Company Needs

Whether you are a corporation looking to supplement your HR department or a start-up preparing for a successful launch, Experimental Studio can adapt our creative coaching program to fit your individual business needs. Your business goals or concerns can be addressed, supported and facilitated with workshops spanning a few hours, days, or a long term collaboration with the Experimental Studio team.

Experimental Studio Creative Coaching Offers:

Strengthening Communication
Interdepartmental Collaboration
Team Building
Trust Building
Innovative Thinking Skills
Developing or refreshing company mission, vision, goals, and strategy

Is Experimental Studio Right for Your Business?

How does your business promote wellness in the workplace?
Does your team or department struggle to communicate effectively?
Do you need to prepare or inspire your team for an upcoming project?
Are you introducing new internal systems, approaches, or methodologies?
Are you facing a major personnel or leadership change?

Bring Us In

Whether you’re looking to unlock creativity in an educational, professional, or one-on-one environment, Experimental Studio can help.