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Experimental Studio
in Higher Education

We all know that college is a major life transition. But new students can also struggle with their creative identity when they first experience a fast-paced, critical working environment that focuses on improving their craft as they prepare to start a career in the arts. That’s why Experimental Studio has developed a creative coaching program designed to help new students acclimate to higher education and begin to understand their creativity from a business perspective.

Adapted to Your Curriculum

We understand that each institution has specific needs and fosters a unique academic and artistic culture. We will work closely with you to adapt our program and approach in a way that supports your institution, faculty, and students. Our program is recommended for the first 4 weeks of an academic semester.

Our Higher Education Creative Coaching Program Offers:

Introducing new students to their department or school
Helping students connect outside of classes
An intimate, safe space for students to try something new
Opportunities to create independently from the instructor’s gaze
Early opportunities to network and perform

Is Experimental Studio Right for Your School?

Can your institution do more to nurture student creativity?
Do your students struggle to feel creative or stay inspired?
Can students or faculty help run this program?
How diverse are your students’ needs?

Bring Us In

Whether you’re looking to unlock creativity in an educational, professional, or one-on-one environment, Experimental Studio can help.