The world needs
you to be yourself.
I’m here to help.

Lili Stiefel is a bi-racial, German-American theater artist, community activist, and entrepreneur. Through her work, she empowers people to embrace their true creativity and individual identity so they can find their greatness, use it, and form stronger connections with the world.


Experimental Studio helps students and professionals harness their unique creative identity in any working environment. Lili provides creativity consulting services designed with your true self in mind.

The Mixed Space

We are a community organization that celebrates intersectional identity. Founded by Lili Stiefel and the cast of 'MIXED', The Mixed Space offers support and advocates for change in the way the world understands identity.
No matter where you stand in matters of confidence, self-love, self-power, or inspiration in your life, I would love to find out how we can work together.