The Mixed Space is a community organization that celebrates intersectional identities. We facilitate conversations concerning issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, colorism, patriarchy, global citizenship, and other identifying factors. Our goal is to eliminate putting people into "boxes" regarding their identity.

The organization began in 2018 after Lili Stiefel wrote, directed and produced ‘MIXED’, an interview-based theatrical experience that celebrates the intersectional identities of multiethnic and multicultural women. Following the show, the cast of 8 women decided the sisterhood and community they built must continue to explore, educate themselves and empower others. 
Our monthly meetups are free to anyone who would like to attend. We discuss the phenomenon of looking the way you do and judgements based on your appearance that quite possibly have nothing to do with the way you feel inside. The meet ups are an opportunity to meet and bond with people just like you, network, express yourself, be heard, and learn. 
Does your racial, ethnic, or cultural experience feel underrepresented? Are you craving to tell your story? Come to The Mixed Space meetup and share the unique intersections of your identity.

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